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500 Error when creating vendors through API


I am able to GET vendors back at the endpoint /api/v3.0/invoice/vendors
But when I try to POST to /api/v3.0/invoice/vendors I get:
{"Error":{"Message":"Unexpected error.Please contact Developer Support"... in response.

Obviously, that error message is not very informative. So I have been trying to figure out what is going on. And looks like it is an issue on Concur’s side. But I thought that maybe someone else would see something on my end that I am missing.

I am posting
{"Vendor":[{"VendorCode":"C10001","VendorName":"Amazon CA","AddressCode":"C10001"}]}

I am including all of the required fields. So I don’t see what could be wrong.



Hi Tim,

I believe there are few more required fields.
Following is the bare minimum info I had to provide to get the Vendor Post.

Vendor Code
Vendor Name
Address Code
Address 1
Postal Code
Country Code
Currency Code

Hope this helps.
Ravi @Metrie.


Hi Ravi,

I tried adding those additional fields:







“Address1”:“123 Vendor Home”,










But still get the same error:

{"Error":{"Message":"Unexpected error.Please contact Developer Support","Server-Time":"2018-09-14T14:48:26","Id":"D335EA44-D4C2-4E42-8E0D-DC73FF717B8F"}}

Do you see any error in the data I am posting?

Is it possible that there is some permission error or miss configuration to the concur account we are connected to?

I believe this was working fine a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what could have changed.




Hi Tim,

Don’t see any issues with your data. Was able to post it on our test with that. Attaching screen shot.

Couple of things I would suggest is to try using PUT instead of POST.
Also, not sure if this matters, but the data you sent is enclosed in angular double quotes. I have to replace/retype with double quotes. Could be picky at times.

Good luck.



We also started seeing this same problem on 9/8 with no changes to our code. We are able to make other API calls with no problems. Did you figure out what the issue was?


We still haven’t been able to figure it out.
I even am getting the error when making test posts via their Api-Explorer

I was, however, able to get in contact with a technician on concur’s side that is able to reproduce the error and is looking into the issue. Hoping to have a solution soon!


Glad you were able to reproduce it! This is definitely causing us problems. I hope they figure it out soon.


Any word on this? We are still seeing the problem. :frowning:


I did get a response over the weekend saying that they found and resolved the issue.
They didn’t give me any insight into what went wrong though. But I am now able to make posts/updates to vendors.
I had assumed that if they fixed it for me then it would be fixed for everyone. It may be a case by case issue or unrelated. I’m not sure.


We did finally get a fix for this with no change to our code.