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Accidentally deleted Expense Report - How do I recover it


I accidentally deleted a detailed Expense Report and I urgently need to retrieve it. Can it be recovered? I’ve read that there is no such function available but I can’t imagine that the report disappears completely from all databases without trace of its existence. There should be a feature where at least administrators are able to recover deleted reports. Can someone please help?!


Hi Javier,
You have reached a forum for Developers of applications for Concur. This is not a Support forum for the core product features. Please contact your company’s support liaison to see if they can assist you with re-creating the report that was deleted. They will be also able to log any enhancement requests for future product features, such as restoring a deleted report.

Although the current functionality does not include restoring a deleted report, if your detailed report contained corporate card transactions and other electronic transactions that integrate with Concur (such as trip charges from Concur Travel or eReceipts from App Center Partner apps), then those transactions would have been returned to the Available Expenses/Charges area of Concur. You will be able to drag and drop those transactions into a new report. However, any manually-entered transactions (such as cash/personal credit card transactions) and/or manually-added data into fields for the above electronic transactions will have been lost when you deleted the report. examples: Attendee data will have to be re-entered; custom field data such as Projects, Comments, etc.


if the receipt is deleted from receipt store, is it completely gone as well?