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Attach receipt to entry


I’m failing to given an existing receipt create (or update for the case) an entry attaching the ID of the receipt.

Trying to go through the documentation, or even samples in the web won’t work either.

What I am doing:
I create the receipt through, where I get an “ID X”.
Then I create the expense through, where I get another “ID Y”.
Lastly, I create the entry matching it with the “ID Y” for the expense id, and “ID X” for the receipt ID. The entry gets properly created, but the linkage with the receipt is not there.
I can go and login into concursolutions and see everything BUT the image being properly attached to the entry.

If I update the entry, the result is the same.

So, could anyone shed some light regarding how to properly attach an image to an entry?


Are you developing this integration as an App Center Partner or as a Concur customer (or on behalf of a customer)? See this page that describes the two and the corresponding contact protocols.



Hi @DStaab, as a Concur Customer.

I’ve been using two types of users to call those APIs, the “normal” one (no privilegies) and the one marked as “Web Services Admin” (I know that for sure, as when posting receipts I can set the user parameter with the latter user).

So that means I have a normal and an admin user to play around, but still I keep failing attaching the receipt to the entry.


please contact your web services contact.


managed to make it work through API