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Audit rule which checks across multiple years?


Is it possible to create an audit rule which checks across multiple years for a given user/expense report type?

Ex. We have an expense report type ‘Employee Special Benefit’. The lifetime limit is $1000 per employee. When an employee enters a new expense report of this type we want the system to add up all prior expense reports for that type/person and confirm is not > 1000. If > 1000 then throw error/warning that user is over limit.


Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


This forum is only for developers using Concur’s APIs that are used to develop external integrations (e.g. customer’s own bespoke integrations or our App Center Partner Apps. ) Please use the Support link within the Concur product to access our core product support team.

You may also want to consider the Concur Detect product that does the type of significant data analysis that is described in your post.