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Company Card Transaction fro all users


We are trying to create an automated system to chase up users that haven’t put an expense (CC transaction) into a report.
I am trying to find the API call that will allow us to get a list of all expense items for all users, preferably from a chosen date with things like Report ID (where it is linked to a report of course). I can only find items that are part of a report.
Is what we want possible?

Company Card Transactions -- possible or not?

obtaining unassigned credit card charges on behalf of all users is not currently available, yet. We are working with R&D to get this available as soon as possible.


We are wanting to do the same thing. Is there a status on this feature?


I’m curious of status for this

In addition to unassigned charges, having visibility to basically every credit card transaction (payments, credits, adjustments, fraud adjustments) you get regardless of whether you throw it out for the expense processing flow would be extremely useful.

We want this information to be able to tie payments on the credit card back to our accounting system, as well as to know if an employee made a personal payment against any items marked as personal on their expense reports. This would allow us to know our corporate liability total for any outstanding unpaid employee personal charge.


do you have any update? is it possible as of now?


sorry, This is not available yet.