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DELETE Expense Report


Does no version of the API support DELETE (for expense reports)?

It looks like I can delete expense entries, attendees, etc…


hi kmyers,
no, there isn’t a DELETE verb for the GET Reports v3 API. Can you provide a use case for the DELETE verb for this API?


So, without getting to much into the details, we are building a custom integration that allows our users to create some basic expense reports from an external system. Inevitably someone will create a report and then want to delete it, and we would prefer to not tell them they need to log into Concur to do so.


We too have a similar requirement.
You can delete report using the ‘Delete Button’ from the concur portal then why cant we have API for the same.


@DStaab Is this still the case? Is there a timeline for when DELETE will be added for this? I have a similar application I am working on internally for our company.


@DStaab We also have a similar, use case where we want functionality to users through app to delete reports. Is there any timeline, as to when DELETE verb will be added to api?


We could also utilize this functionality. If we have the ability to create, modify, and submit this Expense report, why can’t we delete it? We would be responsible for making sure the user is prompted to confirm this decision. What is the harm???