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Error getting report by report ID with user=ALL


I am trying to retrieve a report by its ID. If I am reading a report from the OAuth User,
with “/api/v3.0/expense/reports/{id}” everything works.

Using an ID from a “different” user leads in an 404 - Ressource not found error.
Doing the query with the “user=ALL” parameter as described in the API documentation
leads in an error 400: Bad Request - The ‘all’ keyword is not allowed when operating on a single resource.

So how can I read a report with the API for any User

Best regards


if you are not the report owner, you need to make this API request with a token that corresponds to a user that has the web services permission/role. Check the token and the user that ties back to that token. Then look at whether or not that user has “Web Services” permission using the User Admin tool within the Expense product.


The user was the webadmin and should have the rights.

Using the ID works with every Report…