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Get expense Itemization in bulk



I’m using the Expense API to get all expense reports for visualizing in Qlik Sense.

Is there a way of getting the itemizations without having to make one request per report ID.

Now I first fetch all reports using this

(this is pretty fast)

Then I need to loop over the report IDs and fetch the itemizations for one report at a time with{reportId}

(This is very slow)

I found this (, but its deprecated and I can’t get it to work so hopefully there is a better new solution for this?



Did you ever get this figured out, running into similar situation. @roberthj


Hello - there is nothing available outside of doing the succession described above.

  • Get a List of reports that match desired search parameter(s)

  • One-by-one, make an API call for the Details of each unique report Id returned.