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How to implement actual requirement through null payload from Expenses APIs


Using Postman with my concur sandbox keys and sandbox login credentials i can retrieve the data from Expense reports.

I can get only this response payload :
“Items”: [],
“NextPage”: null
how can i get actual response to implement for my actual requirement. Please Let me Know.



you either are calling with a token that corresponds to a profile that does not have the wsadmin role assigned to it (which is required to get reports that do not belong to the profile the token corresponds to


you are making a call with a token and that user does not have any reports under their own name.

If you are intending to get reports from across an entire Concur site, your token needs to correspond to a user with the wsadmin role.


Hi Pradeep,
If you also pass the “User” variable with your call and make it User=All you will get all the expense reports. This is actually documented in the API instructions for future reference.

Good Luck!