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How to return multiple expense reports with detail with one Get request


I have never been able to figure out how to do this and thought I would ask. I found this documentation page in the link pasted below that seems to do what I want, but says it has been deprecated, use the ReportDigests endpoint, but I cannot find documentation on this.

What is the most efficient way with the Concur API to get a list of all expense reports in ApprovalStatus of Approved & In Accounting Review without having to loop through the list and call the Get endpoint to retrieve the report details?


Hey tkoch,
I just found another post with this URL:
It doesn’t look like it returns line data, but it does return statuses, amounts, currency, dates, etc. Hopefully that helps.


To get all the task which are pending for approval for a particular user you can use the below link to get all the basic details

Many Thanks ,