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Invalid Client - Incorrect Credential



I’m doing a Proof of Concept and need to show an integration of access concur data.

I’ve followed the steps up to a certain point. In which I’ve registered my app. I have what I can only assume as the client_id (Key) and the Secret (Secret) alongside the Company Domain and what this app has access to.

However following the documentation for accessing a JWT
( (point 2.)

I’ve supplied all the what I guess is correct information. However I keep getting back an error code of 64:

“error”: “invalid_client”,
“error_description”: “Incorrect Credentials. Please Retry”,
“code”: 64

So I can only assume that I’m doing something incorrect.

For the username and password I’ve been using my sandbox account credentials to login (the email address is the same as the forum email).

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could get in touch. Or point my in another direction.

Kind Regards


So you have the consumer key and secret key. They are used for the older authorization process.



This link ( is not working any more? Is this correct?



Apologizes for the technical difficulties. The old site should be redirecting you to the new location. See below: