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"IsTestEmp" = Y, What can/can't a test user do?



We are wanting to add test users via the API to see if it’s working properly but don’t want to do so without fully understanding what the “IsTestEmp” attribute is. Since this is a system that gets audited we want to be very careful on adding users. Could I get a brief overview of what it means when users get added and have a value of ‘Y’ for the “IsTestEmp” attribute? Sending a list of things that they’re allowed/not allowed to do would help as well.



Test Users can do everything a production user can do. The data is completely kept separate between production and test. Once a user profile is marked as a Test User, it will always be a test user. The same is true for Production user profiles. This exemplifies how the data is walled off between prod and test. It also keeps users from confusing (or forgetting) whether they are in test mode or not, because they have to use 2 distinct logins (as opposed to a design that would allow for a single profile to switch b/n test and prod.)


@DStaab Hey Doug,

At the moment I’m unable to add a user and I keep getting a “Failed to save employee” when trying to add a ‘IsTestEmp = Y’ user. I’m not sure what I am missing. I made sure all required fields are filled in. Please assist.
2018/06/21 13:18:08.602: ERROR {
“UsersDetails”: null,
“errors”: {
“error”: {
“EmployeeID”: “Test1”,
“FeedRecordNumber”: 2,
“message”: “Failed to save employee”
“records-failed”: 1,
“records-succeeded”: 0

That leads me into my next question… if I’m eventually able to add a “IsTestEmp = Y” user, will I be able to pull that account when I use the ‘GET api/user/v1.0/user’ API? I just want to confirm that the API call pulls users in production and test.


Hi Nancy,
unfortunately, at this time the User API cannot add or retrieve TEST Users. That operation must be done manually via the User Admin tool in the UI itself. Our product team does have this as a requirement to add to their roadmap but I don’t have a firm date to provide at this time.


I was told recentlyby our implementation consultant that Test users can only be added after go-live. During implementation, Test users are not relevant (apparently), so they are only POSTable after you’re in production. I have not tested this, so take with a grain of salt.