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OAuth2 password authentication in sandbox


Can OAuth2 password mode authentication in the sandbox using the supplied client key, secret key, username and password work?

I referring to:


POST /oauth2/v0/token HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8
Connection: close
Content-Length: 175



Using Postman with my sandbox keys and sandbox login credentials I get this response:

“error”: “invalid_client”,
“error_description”: “Incorrect Credentials. Please Retry”,
“code”: 64

Shouldn’t the OAuth2 password work in the sandbox returning an access token?


JohnP - thanks for your question. As for your OAuth2 question - yes, you would think eh? But you’re not at fault.
Our product team didn’t think their processes through when they uploaded their OAuth2 documentation in their eagerness to launch. They didn’t consider how you were suppose to obtain the new client ID and secret - which is currently not self-service and not associated with Sandbox’s.

So bottom line - if you’re a partner application developer and wish to develop an application for the App Center, let us know and we’ll order up an application client ID and secret for your Sandbox. If you are developing an application for a TMC - also let us know but you’ll need to stick to the original OAuth.

Original OAuth documentation - which you can refer to and use - is available here:


Hi ddw,

Yes those authentications are critical to the workflow of the partner app I am developing.
Can you please have an application client ID and secret key made for my sandbox account? Sending to the email address on this forum login is fine. Mt sandbox login email is Yes, is the valid and working email domain.




What about the three leg oauth2 authentication? Will that work in the sandbox company?


Hi I am having the same issue, can I get my client id by email too?

In the case we have multiples sandbox and applications, do you think we should upgrade to the new authentication workflow or stick to the old one until February 2017?


Hi I am having the same issue, can I get my client id by email too?

My sandbox account is .


I am having the same issue. My sandbox account is

Can you please activate this


Hi dww,
I am looking for a clientId as well. Could you email me at to help me out?


Hi ddw,
I am trying to access the new oauth api. I would like a new clientId as well. My sandbox account is Thanks


Hi dww,
I’m looking for a client_ID for



I’m looking for client id for sendbox account Thanks


Hi! Can someone explain where can I get client id for sandbox OAuth2 authentication? I tried consumer key but get this error {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“client_id is not known to us”,“code”:61}


The ‘Getting Started’ section found in the below URL now includes the following clarification: "Before you can obtain a JSON Web Token (JWT), you need to register an application with Concur. You can do this by contacting your Partner Enablement Manager or Partner Account Manager. Once you have registered an application, you will receive a clientId and clientSecret."


Thanks for your answer, Shey! As I am trying to create application for sandbox and check API using it, who is my AM or EM? Where can I get contact information of those people?


Hi Alex - are you an existing Concur customer or is your company interested in becoming an App Center Partner that will develop an app for all Concur customers to use?

Your reply will help route you to the correct team.


I required the clientid and clientsecret for the Sandbox environment. I’m a developer looking for a solution for my client which has Concur. My sandbox account Thanks in advance.


Hi, can you please create a clientid for my sandbox, created by
I am an existing customer developing an app for internal use only.



Hi, dww!

I also need to develop an app for App Center, would you please send me client ID and secret for my Sandbox to



Hi! I’m also in need of a client ID and secret for our account ( I’d appreciate if you send this to the account’s secondary e-mail address:

Thanks in advance!