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Query Regarding Swagger Documentation


I can see that concur supports different API versions for different operations on Concur. I am able to find the Swagger documentation for only version 3. Can you please help me where to find the Swagger documentation for other versions.

Also, there are some operations that are marked deprecated in the version 3, but those are still the part of swagger documentation. I can see for some deprecated operations, it is mentioned in the swagger description for the operation that the operation is deprecated but there are many operations where there is no indication in swagger documentation for the deprecation.

I want to write a client which list out all the possible operations and that share the schema information for those operations and the data format which is supported.Is there any updated API Documentation which I can follow for this case?


Hi Amrita,

Concur added Swagger beginning with V3.0. So, it’s not available for previous versions.

I’m not certain what you mean by “write a client which list out all the possible operations…”. That sounds like what the API Documentation does.

Best regards,
John Toman
Pivot Payables, Inc.


Hi John,

The API Documentation that I am following conveys that some of the operations are deprecated in version 3 but when I see the swagger documentation for the same, I can still see those operations in the Swagger without any indication for their deprecation. How can I filer the operations in such cases?


If the operation works in Swagger, it means the operation is still available.

The API Documentation is encouraging you to not use the deprecated operation because at some point the operation may become unavailable. So, you use a deprecated operation at your risk.


Hi John,

The same is the case with the operations that are marked unsupported in API reference documentation of concur, but are still visible in swagger.

For your reference please check POST “/common/receipts”.

It is marked deprecated on 02/07/2017 and unsupported on 08/07/2017