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Report Post Error: Invalid list item ID in OrgUnit or Custom field. v3.0


Good afternoon,

It appears that when I try to upload a Custom field, I keep getting this error message (Invalid list item ID in OrgUnit or Custom field.). I have already successfully been able to post these in the Entries as well as Line Items (for Invoices), which use the same Lists. And when I look at what the API returns for the Reports I create manually, I see the same List items.

I am using the correct Codes, but it is still throwing this error. Do the default settings have anything to do with this to where it defaults the list to a certain item? Is there a setting to allow/disallow custom fields to be added via API? Or is this an issue in the API?

If I don’t include these Custom fields that utilize lists, everything works fine. I can include Custom fields without lists, and it works fine too.



We need more information in order to assist. Are you a Concur customer using web services for your own app or are you a Partner working on an App Center app?


I am creating this application for my company. Is there something I am missing with these List Items? Is there more to it in the API call than just sending the Code in order to update the Custom field?


@DStaab Have you found anything that might be causing this issue for Reports and Expenses? It seems to not care for the Expense Entries, because they will default to whatever the preset is. But for the Report, I am unable to pass anything through, as it causes an error. Yet, the custom list item will default to its preset anyways. Please help!


Hello, which Report API are you using? The v3.0 allows posting Report Header only, then you’d use the Entries v3.0 api to add expense entries.


Hey Joseph,

Yes, I am using v3.0. And what do you mean by ‘Report Header only’? I am confused as the documentation for v3.0 shows that you should be able to add Custom field data. Are only Custom text fields supported, and not Custom List Item fields? Because that is what I’m running into.

I have also tried making the Custom5 field I am using into a CustomField type found here:
I have attached the ListItemID, Code, Value, and Type = “ConnectedList”

but I end up with an error:
{“Message”:“Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: {. Path ‘Custom5’, line 1, position 323.\r\nAfter parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered: :. Path ‘Custom5’, line 1, position 329.”}

What am I missing?


@joseph.hottinger Please see message above. I still have not figured out what the issue is.


Custom field List Items are supported, you need to enter the code value. If you’re still having issue, please open a Support Case, attach your full API request and token and an analyst can investigate.


Could this have to do if that field is defaulted by an Admin?

Also, why would there by an unexpected character encountered when I only have simple text with just letters and numbers?

I get an error message of:
{“Message”:“Invalid list item ID in OrgUnit or Custom field.”}
when just using this field as a string.

If I use a CustomField Type, I get the “unexpected character” error.