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Retrieve the list of payment batches



How to retrieve the list of payment batches?

Based on the documentation this should work:
GET /expense/paymentbatch/v1.1/batchlist/

What is the base URL for calling this?

In advance thanks for the help.


Hi Laci,

The base url is:

try this:


Hi Doug,

Thanks for the answer! It was very helpful! Now I have managed to get the list of the batches.


When I try to call /api/expense/paymentbatch/v1.1/batchlist I am getting “Forbidden Request” - how do I gain access to this call ?


Do you have the “Extract” scope enabled in your app?

Navigate to: Administration menu\Company\Web Services\Register Partner Application menu then ensure the above scope is enabled.


Thanks for the info, I already had “Extract” but I did need to add “Payment Batch”. Thanks again.


After I get the batchlist, I am calling the payment close process for any batches with transactions. I am doing this by calling the Batch URL with a POST. If I try to retrieve the file after the close is called, the file isn’t always ready immediately. What method can I call to get a file status, to determine if/when the file is finished processing?



There is always a recommended 8500 millisecond wait before you pull the file from either the Payment Batch or from the Extract. What this wait does is allow for Concur the finish the file build before you call the file-link. This is common with clients that are processing a lot of reports. With this thread delay you should see the file-link returns the file every time.


Thank you. That worked.


Hi DStaab,

After getting the number of BatchIDs through this URL, How we can close the batches using one particular BatchID.

Any help it would be helpful.



See the content specific to Standard Edition within this Integration Guide:


Hello DStaab,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I didn’t found anything related to close the batch.In concur forum i saw that instead of using BatchIDs use the Batch-URLS. Is this correct approach??

Please let me know if any suggestions.



Hello amasthanaiah,
this link was found by going through the Integration doc provided earlier.


Hello DStaab,

I have gone through the URL and use the APIs
POST /expense/paymentbatch/v1.2/batch/{BatchID}/close and
POST /expense/paymentbatch/v1.1/batch/{BatchID}/close but none these two are not working for me to close the payment batches in Concur.

Apart from this one can you suggest me anything ?