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Travel Request Approval not working



I am trying to use the approval api
to do the Trip Approval. But it’s not returning any response data but always giving response code 200.

Please, somebody, help me.



I had the same problem. The cause was using “Bearer” in the Authorization header:

The documentation states you should send a “OAuth” value.

Now the problem I am having is that it is responding with an unauthorized with 403 although user can approve/reject travels through Concur’s web site


Had a call last week with Concur dev team. This API is not working (maybe since the change of OAuth authentication mechanism), The reply was that dev team will start logging and debugging this API to try to fix it but there is no scheluded date


After some calls, SAP Concur has identified the bug in Travel Approval API. It has been fixed this weekend. I tried the API and it works fine sending the field “ClientLocator” (found in Trip Details API) in the “ItinLocator” XML tag within the payload

PS: In my case I used the Bearer access token.